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It's rewarding to make a contribution -- and it feels awesome to earn a paycheck! Bell keeps a steady supply of boxes flowing to co-workers who package teas and energy shots at Celestial Seasonings.


Her opportunity to work there is thanks to Imagine!, which helps adults with intellectual disabilities in Boulder and Broomfield Counties become active participants in their communities. Everybody wins when people with different life experiences engage in productive work...side-by-side

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Bright EYES 

Children love books. To a child, a book can be either a window to a whole new world or a mirror that reflects a bit of their inner world. When children receive books in the mail through the Mayor’s Book Club, they are excited about reading – they try to identify the letters, sound out the words, and describe the pictures with their own stories. These are all valuable steps – with the help of the adults in their lives – towards reading on their own. And when that happens, the sky is the limit.

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St. Vrain Flooding Fund Report

Many thanks to the community for its support of the St. Vrain Flooding Relief Fund.  We were able to raise $608,411.91 from individuals, businesses, families, schools and community organizations.