Agency Funds

Many nonprofit organizations establish an endowment fund with us in order to grow assets to meet both current and future needs.  They look to our strong investment oversight services that allow them to focus on their missions.   An Agency Endowment can provide a relatively constant source of annual income and help maintain an agency’s mission in perpetuity.   We will be happy to work with you to publicize your endowment and/or provide tips on how to talk about your endowment to your supporters.  Below is a list of Agency Endowment funds at the Longmont Community Foundation.  You may donate to any of these agency’s endowments by going to our secure donations page.

Agency Endowments Include

  • A Woman’s Work Endowment Fund
  • Arts Longmont Endowment Fund
  • Crossroads School Fund
  • Friends of the Longmont Museum Endowment Fund
  • Friends of the Longmont Public Library Endowment Fund
  • Friends of the Longmont Senior Center Endowment Fund
  • Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley Endowment Fund
  • Hispanic Education Foundation
  • Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement (HOPE)
  • Inn Between Endowment Fund
  • Intercambio de Communidades Endowment Fund
  • Life Choices Foundation
  • Longmont Chorale Endowment Fund
  • Longmont Community Justice Partnership Endowment Fund
  • Longmont Meals on Wheels Endowment Fund
  • Longmont Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
  • OUR Center Endowment Fund
  • Salud Family Health Centers Fund
  • Silver Creek High School Education Foundation Fund
  • Skyline Education Foundation Endowment Fund
  • St. Vrain Historical Society Endowment Fund
  • Sunshine Club
  • Via Endowment Fund